FAQs During COVID-19

Seoul Kool is based in Kuwait, a country currently under a 24-hour lockdown period until May 30th, 2020.

We most definitely miss our Seoul Mates, and truly appreciate your patience. All orders taken within this time are considered pre-orders, allowing you to reserve your products for delivery upon re-opening. Orders are first-come, first-serve & we are only accepting 50 orders daily.

No refunds will be made for orders during this time - any orders placed before May 30th are not eligible for refunds & will instead be sent out beginning May 30th/June 1st.


1) Will my card be charged for the pre-order?

Yes, you will be charged on your card immediately.

2) Why can't I place my order?

Orders are first-come, first-serve & we are only accepting 50 orders daily. The clock resets at 12am GMT+3 daily. We have capped our orders to ensure health & safety standards are being met during the packing process - allowing our staff to care for each package individually.

2) When will my order be sent to me?

Orders will begin to be sent out upon the 24-hour lockdown period lifting. This is set for May 30th, 2020. If anything changes, we will inform you via Instagram. Check our Instagram daily for any necessary updates: @seoul.kool

  • Kuwait orders: Once dispatched, orders should arrive on the same day.
  • GCC Orders: Your package will arrive within approximately 2-5 business days to Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • *International Orders: Your package will arrive within approximately 5-14 business days.
  • Tracking will be available within 23-48 hours after a shipment has been fulfilled.

3) But I want my skincare now...

Same. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has us all running low on skincare & we, as a company, must abide by the laws of the government. 

4) Where do you ship to?

  • We ship to most countries, but you can always contact us here to check about a certain destination.
  • We do not ship to PO Boxes 

5) There are missing/damaged items in my order!

Please contact us here, and we’ll investigate straight away!