Meet @Ascia

Co-founder of Seoul Kool, mama to two energetic boys, and a huge fan of toners.

Ascia leans towards products that work on sensitive skin. Having suffered from "difficult" skin all of her life, K-Beauty was the discovery of a lifetime for her and her skincare journey. Read below to find out a little bit more of her favorite skincare items of the moment.
I love beginning my skincare routine with these handy remover pads, especially on days where I'm too tired for a proper oil cleanser. They smell AMAZING, but they're also really gentle on sensitized skin like mine, especially after heat exposure from being outdoors in the Kuwaiti sun.
________________________________________ This is my favorite way to remove makeup - specifically eye makeup - because it doesn't leave a trace of it afterwards! Its formula doesn't leave your skin dry, like some cleansing balms tend to do.
I've recently started using this in the morning to keep my acne issues at bay. It's a mix of exfoliating acids that target different things: AHA: Rids dryness and impurities from the skin surface. BHA: Exfoliates clogged pores, removing excess sebum. PHA: Locks in moisture while getting rid of dead skin cells.
I'm a big fan of toners, and use a couple in my routine. I like to put this one on first, so its well absorbed into my skin and the acids can do their work!
Next, is this baby. It's my holy grail, all time favorite K-Beauty product. If you have sensitive skin, Pyunkang Yul is a great way to get it all under control. Based off of traditional Korean medicines, PYK puts natural first. I highly, highly recommend this toner for returning much needed nutrient-filled moisture to your skin.
I love the texture of this serum. It never feels oily or like it's weighing you down, clogging pores or wreaking havoc. I use this everyday, but take small amounts of it onto airplanes with me as well because it calms irritation quickly.
I currently use this as my daytime moisturizer, because I follow up with sunscreen and don't want anything too heavy. It's oil-free, and keeps my skin calm from external pollution or heat sensitivity. I like to also use this around my lips when I'm incredibly chapped from going in & out of AC.
Sunflower seed oil, argan oil and saffleed oil make this eye cream very high in lipids and fatty acids that hydrate the skin and lock in moisture. This is definitely one of our more expensive eye creams, but as I get older, wrinkle prevention is a priority. It's incredibly lightweight, and doesn't leave you greasy.
Keeping this sunscreen in stock is one of our major challenges here at Seoul Kool - because it's really that good. It's quickly absorbed, doesn't leave a white-cast, has rose & raspberry extracts and gives you great sun protection (which means wrinkle & hyperpigmentation prevention!)