Meet @absolutelykhaoula

I'm Khaoula, and among other things, I'm a creator who's all about coffee, self-care & exploring creative ways of expressing myself.

So, here I am sharing my combo-skin journey with you all and trusting my skin to K-beauty!
I must say that double-cleansing has been by far the biggest game-changer. dirt, make-up residue, dust.. our skin is exposed to so much throughout the day! Using the water-oil cleanser has been ideal to remove potential pore-clogging impurities.
With just a single pump I get to remove any remaining impurities post 1st cleanse. I love the fact that it contains real cereal and that its formula is gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling nice and fresh afterward.
This toner’s creamy texture allows it to be easily applied and spread across the skin. It tones my skin while providing nourishing care.
This essence enhances my skins’ natural g-l-o-w! it contains 96% snail mucin that’s helped repair skin damage and locks in moisture quite well.
I was surprised at how gentle it felt on my skin. it’s perfect for makeup-less days when I want to start the day fresh-faced. I especially love the texture of the honey with the grains of sugar with just a hint of a lemon aroma. It’s a must!
For the days where I wanna stay in and chill with a nice cup of tea and a sheet mask. Lately, I’ve been into Jumiso’s hydrating sheet mask and the glowy poreless looking skin it leaves me with afterward.